Blue Coast Financial Services, Inc. ("Blue Coast") is a California licensed broker & lender.

We provide fast service and flexible plans to assist customers with their financial needs. We specialize in customer's who have (or who have had) more expensive loans with other lenders.  A demonstrated history of repaying similar loans will save you money!

The application & documentation process may be completed within 1-3 hours.

Applicants must:

1. Be a resident of California;

2. Own clear title to your vehicle.  If you already have a loan with another lender, that's ok.  Blue Coast will pay it off;

3. Have sufficient value in your vehicle (generally $4,000 or more);

4. Have a valid California Driver's license;

5. Have full insurance on your vehicle;

6. Demonstate the ability to repay the loan (i.e. monthly income less monthly expenses are sufficient to cover your monthly loan payment;)

7. Complete a loan application;

8. Provide other documentation as requred*.


The minimum loan we offer is $2,600.

Every loan is amortized over 36 months in order to keep payments low.

Customers may payoff their loan early with no prepayment penalty.

Upon loan approval, a $75 Administrative Fee and $15 Lien Transfer Fee will be charged.


* Loan Underwriting & Loan Approval are dependent upon many factors and may change without notice.